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Mykonos possesses a unique energy, a vibrancy that captivates. At first glance the island is simply a beautiful series of white houses blended into a rocky background. This beauty is certainly part of the charm of the island, but if you simply scratch beneath this surface you will experience a destination that has the potential to inspire and keep bringing you back for years to come. The island has kept its Greek heritage as well as integrating the international jet set and hordes of Italian tourists that call Mykonos home for the summer.

The sexiest girls in the world attended the fashion show on what could be paradise on earth. 

Victoria’s Secret angels spent a week in Mykonos for the fashion show that took place at Nammos, Psarrou beach. Gorgeous women like Sara Sampaio, Bar Refaeli (Leonardo di Caprio’s ex) and many more beautiful women headed to the island of winds for Replay.

Around 400 people from across the world attended the event and partied until the earlier hours of the morning.

Kopanisti  is a salty, spicy cheese, with protected designation of origin that is mainly found in the Cycladic island of Mykonos for more than 200 years. It owes its special hot taste in fungal growth. "Kopanisti" in the greek language is used to describe something that has been beaten. In Kopanisti cheese this refers to its technique of preparation. It is mainly made from cow's milk or sheep's milk or a mixture of both. 

At first the milk is cooked at 28-30 °C with yeast until it gets thick. This procedure usually takes about 20–24 hours. After this it needs to be dried and red chili peppers and salt are added. The manufacturer works the mixture by hands once every hour for the first 24 hours. Then the mixture is wrapped in cotton cloth...

The Malaysian edition of Business Insider this week unveiled a list of the “25 places to party before you die”, with the Cyclades party island of Mykonos making it onto the list.
According to the article, bylined by Talia Avakian, “Mykonos may be a small Greek island, but it’s got a larger-than-life party scene… Every day, parties start on the beaches in the mid-afternoon and go until the next morning. Super Paradise beach is one of the best places to party, but there are also dozens of clubs and bars around the island… There’s a huge gay party scene here too.”

The destinations were listed in alphabetical order, so here they are:

Elsewhere in Greece, these delicate fried pastry stripes are called "diples". In Mykonos we call them "xerotigana". "Xerotigana" is like "diples" only they don't contain eggs: crispy, fried sweets in different shapes ( bows, as my grandmother used to make, and roses) dipped in honey syrup and sprinkled with walnuts, cinnamon and sesame seeds.

"Xerotigana" are a tradition on the island of Mykonos, served at special occasions such as weddings, baptisms and to welcome the new year. Sweets like xerotigana symbolically sweeten our path through life. Made from hand-rolled thin strips of dough, xerotigana look like pale gold ribbons curled on the table or even like bows (depending on the shape you choose to give).

"Xerotigana" are also the...

In a feature article published by the Daily Mirror, the British newspaper’s columnist Michelle Darlow describes her experience at the beautiful island of Mykonos, a destination that in the last decade has become one of the most visited, photographed and loved islands in the Aegean.

The columnist was accompanied in her trip by four of her female friends and the five women wanted an island that combined several different elements: uncrowded sandy beaches to lounge on, enough of a buzz at night to keep them happy and also a dose of culture and history, as well as fashion and fun. And of course they found it all on the cosmopolitan island of Mykonos!

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According to a survey conducted by Skyscanner, a flight, hotel and car hire search engine, the island of Mykonos will be the second most popular tourist destination for Australians in 2015. This survey was based on recent online searches for holiday destinations.

The data collected indicate that Myanmar in Asia will be the top destination for Australian travelers in 2015.


The Armenistis lighthouse in Mykonos might not have been promoted very much by the locals, but the Americans appreciated its beauty and chose to show it in a new advertisement of cereals. The Nature Valley chose this place for shooting its advertising spot of a new product: cereal bars with Greek yogurt, which is very famous in US.

This place has been abandoned over the last few years, despite the fact that it is a monument of the history of the island. However, efforts are made to promote this place conducting events and exhibitions in the area so as to advertise it as a monument of the maritime history of Mykonos.

Celebrate Easter having a traditional menu at Nammos Restaurant, one of the most famous beach restaurants in Europe, located on the beautiful Psarou beach in Mykonos!

For more than ten years now, Nammos Restaurant has been one of the top beach dining establishments in Europe. It’s not a matter of luck that our cuisine has been praised by food critics from all over the world. With an exquisite Mediterranean cuisine made from the best ingredients, fresh fish and vegetables from local gardens, along with a wine list containing labels from both Greek and international vineyards, Nammos guarantee to delight even the most discerning palates.

Victoria’s Secret Angels will inundate the Mykonos, known as the isle of winds, this summer! 

Garbed in their usual sensual lingerie, feathers and sheer fabric they will head to the island for a special shoot.

Victoria’s Secret  is still keeping the identity of the top models who will take part in the shoot. The lingerie house is known for its collaboration with names like Alessandra Ambrosio, Ana Beatriz Barros and others! All that is certain is that temperatures on the Cyclades are bound to soar.


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