whichever you prefer, in-house or upon request,
we know the right person for the job...

At ‘Mykonos Dream Living’, we do realize that a unique setting is not nearly sufficient for a memorable holiday. As discerning guests, our clients have needs and expectations relevant to an individual sense of entertainment, relaxation, exercise, beauty, fun, communication, socialising etc. Our 15-year experience in the tourist industry has led to us into forming a network of associates and personnel to match the needs of our clients with efficiency, planning and professionalism, always with the greatest respect to the guests’ private style and environment.

Regarding the in-house staff requirements, we can supply the services of a private chef (and his team) for breakfast & lunch (half-board), or breakfast, lunch & dinner (full-board). Alternatively, we can organise small or large scale dinner parties at the privacy of your villa, sunset cocktail gatherings with delicious local finger food or a special theme party to meet your requirements. The services of a butler to take care of provisions, house arrangements and coordination can also be provided. A personal driver to take care of your transportations around the island or for any special outing (in combination with our car rental services) can also be arranged. Apart from the standard twice-weekly maid service, inclusive in all our rental contracts, extra maid service, according to your specifications, can also be provided. And for those special nights out, a reliable nanny service is at your disposal.

To take care of your well-being and relaxation during your holiday, we have also organised a team of professionals, at your service, if and when you wish. Concerning health and beauty requests, we offer the services of qualified hairdressers and manicure & pedicure experts, personal trainers, yoga instructors and massage practitioners.

Last but not least, we at ‘Mykonos Dream Living’ believe that when in Mykonos, one should do as the Mykonians! As locals, we know the island in depth and we can offer dependable services to guide you through its secrets. Whether it is a private tour to the ancient site of Delos or a day’s excursion to the island’s hidden coves, we can provide you with the right guides and inside information. Multi-language guides as well as security services at your villa can also be arranged.

Reliability, trust and efficiency. These are the pillars of our on-going commitment to delivering high-end services to our loyal clients.


whatever your needs during your stay,
we can provide the way...

Since you are a visitor in our part of the world, let us show you the best of it!

We, at ‘Mykonos Dream Living’, have all the ins and outs to the most exclusive spots on the island and the mainland. Book a luxury suite at the top-of-the range hotels, reserve a table at the hot-spot restaurants or clubs, bask in the sun or hide under the shade of your sun bed in the most cosmopolitan beaches of the Mediterranean, you name it, we’ve got it. Let’s us be your guide to all the interesting places one must visit on the island, be it an archaeological site or a local feast. For the more sophisticated, we can provide access to most of the highlight events of the season, in Greece or elsewhere.

Our long-standing presence in Mykonos gives us a leeway when it comes to introducing you to the latest, internationally acknowledged gourmet restaurants and all the new venues for every season. We make it our business to know where you might be served the best sushi, the freshest Mediterranean fish and seafood or the most original local cuisine. As to nightlife and clubbing, we will make sure you will find the right beat to fill your wildest desires! Be our guest!


whether for travel or pleasure,
on land, sea or air, we can provide the means...

Mykonos is a relatively small island, yet one needs a set of wheels to visit the multitude of pristine sandy beaches, several spots of historical or archaeological interest and the town itself, where most of the action takes place. For all your transportation needs, we, at ‘Mykonos Dream Living’, can provide you with a wide range of vehicles for rental, be it a Luxury SUV, a spacious van for the whole family or a practical, smart little car for easy parking in town.

We can also arrange a 24-hour personal driver service or to arrange any specific transfer requirements you might have. To this end, we are also able to organize private air transportation, helicopter or luxury private jet, for you to sit back and relax as you fly over the most spectacular archipelagos in the Mediterranean.

Mykonos, being at the centre of the Aegean Sea (in antiquity, Delos was considered to be the centre of the universe), is the ideal starting point for touring the neighbouring islands by sea. With a private yacht, one can explore the marvels of the Cyclades or wander even further, to the north (Euboea and the Sporades islands), to the east (the Dodecanese and the coast of Turkey), to the south (Crete) or to the west (the Ionian islands and the coast of Peloponnese). A wide range of luxury vessels, from handy rib boats (for day excursions) to sailing boats or power mega-yachts, is available upon request.