To International Foundation for Greece (IFG), is organizing a concert whose proceeds will go towards the construction of the new Archaeological Museum of Delos, ....... the design and implementation of which has taken the IFG. 

On July 2, Greek and international artists, among them: Nana Mouskouri, George Dalaras, Mario Frangoulis, Marc Lavoine, Eleftheria Arvanitaki, Dany Brilliant, Dimitra Galani, Lavrentis Mahairitsas, Vasilis Papakonstantinou, John Haroulis Panos Mouzourakis, Alexandra Gravas, Alexander James & George Michael, EL Q, will join their voices in Kallimarmaro, giving this eager for the support and promotion of our cultural heritage. 

The event will be honored by the presence of the President of the Republic Mr. Prokopis...

From the Greek ground, from the light of Mediterranean sun fire, from the limpid and crystal waters of Aigaias, from the air of Dionysus knowledge and from the ether of cosmic substance, we gather from vine in September a product that we call (stafyli), (votrys), (rax), (omfax), (tryx), grape.
With the method of ethereal distillation (apostaxi), we serve our love in the glass of knowledge, of happiness, of transitory Lethe, for our amusement, for our passions and our being.
From the gods and demigods to our fathers and from the fathers to the sons.
From the nectar, ambrosia and trimma, to tsipouro. 

The Malaysian edition of Business Insider this week unveiled a list of the “25 places to party before you die”, with the Cyclades party island of Mykonos making it onto the list.
According to the article, bylined by Talia Avakian, “Mykonos may be a small Greek island, but it’s got a larger-than-life party scene… Every day, parties start on the beaches in the mid-afternoon and go until the next morning. Super Paradise beach is one of the best places to party, but there are also dozens of clubs and bars around the island… There’s a huge gay party scene here too.”

The destinations were listed in alphabetical order, so here they are:

The Archaeological Museum of Delos was built way back in the year 1904. The construction of this famous museum was carried out under the aegis of the Archaeological Society of Athens. Initially the museum was spread over just five rooms. It was much later in the year 1931 and again in 1972 that further rooms were added. At present the historical artifacts are on display in nine rooms. There are six exclusive rooms where rare historical statues unearthed from the archaeological site at Delos are on display. 

Another set of two rooms two display the fascinating collections of pottery dating back to the prehistoric times. And last but not the least, there is a room exclusively dedicated to displaying objects of art that are meant for everyday...

No Greek meal is complete without a tasty dessert. Here are five of the most popular sweets to choose from. Greek cuisine boasts of amazingly delicious dishes, prepared with fresh ingredients that are produced locally.

It is famous for its meat and fish recipes, which include the use of a variety of vegetables and aromatic herbs. However, no Greek meal is complete without a tasty dessert and here are five of the most popular sweets to choose from.

Pasteli, the Greek version of sesame seed candy is a confection of sesame seeds and honey pressed into a bar that often contains nuts. Similar foods are documented in Ancient Greek cuisine. In fact, Herodotus, the Father of History, mentions in his writings the “sweet cakes...

The Monastery of Panagia Tourliani in Mykonos, Cyclades: The monastery of Panagia Tourliani is placed 8km far from Chora town, in Ano Mera village. The construction was originally built in 1542 by two priests and was initially named after the Presentation of the Virgin Mary. The monastery was restored in 1767 and took its present name after an icon of the Virgin Mary found in the nearby area of Tourlos.

Since then, Panagia Tourliani became the patroness of the island and celebrates on August, 15th. The architecture of the monastery is rather impressive, with a whitewashed exterior and a colored dome. A beautiful marble fountain is found in the yard outside the church. In the interior of the church, we can see an impressive wooden...

Mykonos is one of the top tourist destinations and is known mainly for its cosmopolitan character. It is very picturesque, with narrow cobbled streets, many traditional white houses, churches and windmills, blue waters, offering peace and tranquility. The island's capital is called Chora, located in the west side of the island. Mykonos is known as the “windy island” and is in the heart of Cyclades. It is 94 nautical miles away from Piraeus and 71 from Rafina. It is also very close to Delos and Rinia. The island has an area of 88 km², is not flat, characterized by rocky peaks, with little vegetation and mild Mediterranean climate.

Lena's House Museum is a 19th-century, middle-class Mykonian house, complete with furnishings. A branch of the Folklore Museum, Lena's House is located at Tria Pigadia in the town of Mykonos and it is an authentic middle-class Mykonian residence of the 19th century, representing a typical internal arrangement of space. Named after the last owner of the house, Lena Skrivanou, it contains a spacious drawing room, two bedrooms and two courtyards and a dovecote. The rich antique furnishings, such as large frames containing splendid prints, the tapestries, the wood carvings, old mirrors, painted plates, etc. are quite popular amongst the visitors.

Windmills, the cylindrical iconic landmarks that adorn the hills of the Greek islands are monuments to the human labor and stand as proof of the human ingenuity, making the best of Aeolian energy to provide man with bread, the staple of life. Different types of windmills can be found all over Greece, especially on the Greek islands. Nowadays many of them have been renovated and some have even been converted into museums.

However, there is one island that is synonymous with the windmills: stunning Mykonos.

Super Paradise Beach is located right next to Paradise Beach and is reachable by taxi-boat (regular boat services are available from Platis Yialos) and local bus. It is considered as one of the most beautiful beaches in Greece. Mykonos Super Paradise is less organized than neighboring Paradise and has beautiful crystalline waters and soft golden sand. Due to its popularity, Super Paradise Beach can get very crowded during peak season.