The Armenistis lighthouse of Mykonos is shown in an American advertisement

The Armenistis lighthouse in Mykonos might not have been promoted very much by the locals, but the Americans appreciated its beauty and chose to show it in a new advertisement of cereals. The Nature Valley chose this place for shooting its advertising spot of a new product: cereal bars with Greek yogurt, which is very famous in US.

This place has been abandoned over the last few years, despite the fact that it is a monument of the history of the island. However, efforts are made to promote this place conducting events and exhibitions in the area so as to advertise it as a monument of the maritime history of Mykonos.

This particular lighthouse was built in 1891 and was named after the cape of the island. The decision to be built was taken after the British steamship Volta sunk in 1887 on the northern coast of the island, where 11 people lost their lives. Its height reaches twenty metres, while its lighting machine was awarded at the International Exhibition in Paris and was used until 1983. Since then the lighthouse is operated by electricity, and the lighting machineis now exhibited in the courtyard of Aegean Maritime Museum located in the center of Mykonos.