LATE ON SUNDAY evening, September 27, the Earth will slide precisely between the sun and the moon, throwing the satellite into a rusty red shadow. This’ll be the fourth total lunar eclipse in two years, but that doesn’t make it boring. Quite the opposite—this week’s event will be the last in this rare tetrad, and the most dramatic.

That’s because this lunar eclipse coincides with another astronomical event: a supermoon. That’s what it’s called when the moon’s mostly elliptical orbit brings it closest to Earth’s surface—about 220,000 miles away instead of its average 240,000 miles. During this total lunar eclipse, the moon will appear about 14 percent larger and 30 percent brighter than Earthlings are used to seeing it.

And yes, it’...

Named after Mykons, the son of god Apollo. The island is also said to have been the location of a great battle between Zeus and the Titans where Hercules killed the invincible giants lured from Mt. Olympus. It is said that the large rocks around the isle are the petrified testicles of the giants.

Mykonos – part of the Cyclades group in the Aegean – is famous for its trademark sugar-cube houses and villas, amazing beaches and non-stop party atmosphere. It’s the first Greek island people think of, a draw-card for celebrities, jetsetters and party animals.

The islands of Cyclades in Greece surprise every visitor with the unique cycladic architecture which has become famous beyond the Greek borders. It is definitely the ambassador of Greek islands architecture. Uncountable settlements of incredible beauty and architectural interest are based on the simplicity and the purity of constructive forms which are spread in every island from the smallest to the largest. Many settlements in Cyclades are characterized by their rich diversity inspired by the several civilizations who were attracted by the island of Cyclades. The Venetians who inspired many Cycladic islands like Tinos, Naxos, Sifnos, Milos, Kimolos and Sikinos have created beautiful castle-towns that belong to the flourishing medieval years, at a...

Have you ever been to the Greek island of Mykonos? If not, this is the time to do it! Τhe island is packed with tourists, however, it is ready to accept many more visitors until early September.

A great number of students who want to celebrate the beginning of summer after graduation, tourists who wish to experience the unparalleled Greek summer fun, as well as families who consciously choose the island, are some of the main visitors.

In the last few days, hoteliers and restaurateurs in the glamorous island of Cyclades are happily trumpeting the Aegean’s sizzling style and reputation recreating this summer’s magic by mixing a generous dose of hedonistic last summer memories that support oiled-up lounger lifestyle, pricey cafe-bar-...

Paranga Beach is a combination of two sandy beaches separating by a headland and forming a large beach. The southern beach is the calmer, while the northern one is fully organised and lined by many taverns playing music. Paranga beach can be reached by bus, by a 15 minute walk from Platis Yialos or by one of the frequent taxi-boats going to Super Paradise Beach. 

The classic way with juicy tomatoes, olives and crumbly feta!

Scratch a fork down the sides of the cucumber so it leaves deep grooves in the skin, then chop into erratic slices at an angle. Roughly chop the tomatoes, deseed and slice the pepper lengthways and add to a salad bowl with the chopped veg. 

Destone the olives and tear into the bowl. Halve and finely slice the red onion (you can also try shaving it with a speed peeler), then add to the bowl along with a good drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, a good pinch of black pepper and a splash of red wine vinegar. Toss everything together, then add a good squeeze of lemon juice. Break the feta in half and place on top, add a scattering of flowering oregano, drizzle over a little...

Mykonos owns its name to the son of the King of Delos, Mykonos. In fact, the history of Mykonos in the antiquity was much connected to the history of the neighbouring Delos. According to mythology, Hercules, in one of his twelve tasks, was fighting the Giants and, having killed them, he threw them in the sea where they petrified and turned into huge rocks, forming the island of Mykonos. Being in the shadow of the prosperous and spiritual island of Delos, where Leto was believed to has given birth to god Apollo and goddess Artemis, little things are known for Mykonos during the Ancient Times. We know, from excavations in the ancient site of Ftelia, that the first inhabitants of the island were Cares, succeeded by Phoenicians, Egyptians and then...

Cyclades are a complex of islands emerging from the deep blue Aegean sea, forming a circle around the sacred island of Delos. They are considered to be the pearl of the Greek islands, featuring idyllic landscapes that allure visitors from all over the world. 

Cycladic islands seem to be designed by the hand of the same artist, sitting in harmony with their natural site reputation that goes well beyond the borders of Greece. They are characterized by a scenery variety of steep mountains, vineyards, churches and picturesque white painted villages on top of impressively high cliffs.

Each and every one of them has its own unique characteristics, determined by its history, topography and geology but they all seem to be bound together by...

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Despite the economic crisis and the negative foreign media reports on Greece’s economic situation, the country continues to attract large multinational companies. It is no coincidence that several major conglomerates have chosen to organize their annual conference in Greece.

For example, REPLAY, which belongs to FASHION BOX Group chose Greece for the first time, to organize its global corporate presentation, REPLAY Preview Collection. The multinational fashion house decided to hold its annual presentation event on the Greek island of Mykonos.

More than 500 REPLAY delegates and executives from 50 countries across the world, will arrive in Mykonos in early May for the weekend-long event, which will attract global interest.